Brunswick 4x4

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A different type of camping for us this time around, but most definitely a fun one. We caught up with travelling.campers in Bunbury & decided to head out on a mission to find some impressive tracks to tackle in the Patrols. ⁣

These challenging tracks are located 20mins east of Brunswick Junction WA. Josh had experienced these tracks before & wanted to take us along to have a go too. After topping up with water & supplies in town, we headed out in search of a campsite. ⁣

After a short drive on the bitumen, we were on the dirt. It was t long until we found the perfect location to pull up and setup the vans for the next 2 nights. Free camping at it’s best in the middle of the bush without anyone around!⁣

Our first afternoon on the tracks was definitely a lot of fun with some awesome challenging lines to drive and see what the cars could do. Unfortunately, we both managed a few battle scars that day, but nothing to worry about. After all it is 4x4ing so it’s expected! 😉 ⁣

Our second day out wheeling was just as fun as the first with plenty of tracks to explore & checkout. Honestly, the Brunswick tracks are great fun and some of best 4x4ing we have experienced in some time. It was great to test out the car once again & push its capability. As expected, it performed exceptionally well.⁣

A huge shoutout to Josh & Mikayla from travelling.campers for the opportunity to checkout some awesome tracks and the company while camping. 🏕 We look forward to more trips like this again. ⁣

“These challenging tracks are located 20mins east of Brunswick Junction WA”

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