Fatfield Farm Stay

The joys of having no plans when you travel you can spontaneously pick random locations to visit. This place was one of those random choices we found on Wikicamps when deciding where to head next. This particular spot we knew was going to be fun as it was a farm stay, you can count on there being a heap of animals for the kids to play with. ⁣

So many farm animals!

Sure enough after checking in at the stay we were surrounded by all types of animals from a huge male turkey, chickens, guineafowls and sheep ???? the kids instantly blew up with excitement! We were told to pick a spot in the field to pull up, you could literally pick a spot and setup anywhere!

Daily Farm Jobs

After setting up we cooked dinner & enjoyed the afternoon sunset while we watched all the animals enjoying their best life. In the mornings the owners do a feeding of the animals which you can attend & be a part of, after the kids found out, they couldn’t wait for the next day. ⁣

Is it time yet?!

Next morning Jayda was up at the crack of dawn, literally 5am! Filled with excitement to feed the animals, after throwing a breakfast together and waiting till 7am we headed over. We had the opportunity to feed all the animals, Jack picked his first ever egg from a chickens coupe and we had the chance to hand pick some fresh produce from the garden which the owners live from. ⁣

A family farm, what more can you ask for!

This was the most amazing stay for the kids! Feeding the animals, have the chance to hold them & get up close. It’s these little experiences that you treasure forever ???? experiences that shape your kids and give them knowledge for the future. ⁣

Located 10mins south of Jurien Bay ⁣
Price: $15 per van per night⁣
No water / No power ⁣
Self Contained ⁣

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