Porcupine Gorge

The Gorge

The Porcupine Gorge National Park! What a bloody location this place was, we absolutely loved this area! The history and sights you get to experience were definitely second to none.⁣

We completed the two main attractions, first one being the lookout which is just breathtaking. The view you have from up so high really gives you such a different perspective! This gorge has been formed over 100 million years with layers of different sandstone colours creating picturesque gorge walls. The power of Mother Nature is very obvious and very impressive. ⁣

What to expect

Second was the 1.1km walk to the natural pyramid. The first half heading down hill was great but the return trip was definitely an experience haha... Hot tip: Take plenty of water! After achieving the walk down to the face of the pyramid was absolutely worth every step though!⁣

The best part about the whole experience was that once we reached the end, we had the entire place to ourselves. So peaceful and beautiful and to top it off, we had ourselves a billabong to swim in to cool off

“The power of Mother Nature is very obvious and very impressive”

Hot Tip!

Take plenty of water!

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