A historic mystery

This is one of those places you hear & see a lot about, and for good reason as it’s absolutely stunning when you finally see it in person! Everything looks normal, green grass & trees with stunning coastline and then, BOOM! You’re on another planet!

It really is this yellow!

The landscape is very unique and upfront, it’s honestly the most incredible experience when you first see it. The colour of the sand is a bright yellow and you have thousands of these random limestone structures scattered for as far as the eye can see that date back to 25,000 - 30,000 years old.

Walk or drive the pinnacles

You can walk amongst the pinnacles and take photos while taking it all in. It really was the strangest thing to see and experience. They have a large loop that you can drive with your car to check it all out which is really cool. It’s a very big area and they take up more space than you anticipate when you arrive, so to have the ability to drive is great as a walk all the way would be long with kids.

The visitor centre

In the Visitor Centre you can learn some the history which gives you a great insight into what scientists think created this incredible landscape along with some fun facts about the local wildlife and surrounding areas. Also on offer is a gift store to get your tourist fix with a few merchandise items!

The colour of the sand is bright yellow!

Price $15 per car (DPAW standard daily rate)
Open 9am-4.30pm

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