Our first van was a Trail X-Plorer 21’6′ Family Bunk Caravan. Below we have listed more information about the caravan, power setup and some of the things we had on board that you may be interested to research a little further.


Trail X-Plorer 21’6′ Family Bunk Caravan https://bigoz.me/trail


Management System https://bigoz.me/bms30

Enerdrive 200amp Lithium Battery https://bigoz.me/battery 

Enerdrive 2000w Inverter https://bigoz.me/inverter 

700w solar (not branded, next time we would consider Enerdrive though!)

100amp Solar Regulator https://bigoz.me/renology1

Levelling App for setup https://bigoz.me/level


Internet/wifi (Telstra Nighthawk) https://bigoz.me/telstra 

External Antenna https://bigoz.me/rfshop

Our Original Caravan Tour

(April 2020)

What we changed & what we have learnt

(October 2021)

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