Winderabandi Campground - Cape Range NP

When you travel around this beautiful country experiencing amazing locations, it’s hard to pick your favourites. But we can certainly agree that this particular camp spot is definitely in the top 5 for us. One of those places that just blows you away! ⁣

Getting there

This camp is located at the south end of the incredible coastline near Cape Range National Park. There are two access points to reach this place. One being the track across Yardie Creek (which needs to be timed well for the right tides) and secondly the much longer longer track from the main road that brings you in & behind south Lefroy through Ningaloo Station. After experiencing both, we feel Yardie Creek crossing was much shorter & easier.⁣

A bumpy access track!

After checking in with the camp host, we proceeded in to our site which was located right at the far end, Site 1. The track from the camp host to the tip of the bay does claim a lot of cars to the very soft & rough sand. This is a track that you don’t second guess and really ‘just send it’ ???????? The mighty Patrol got us through & out the other side without any issues. ⁣


Once we reached our site & set up, we had a moment to really just take in the location we had just arrived at. Having the van & caravan sitting on the beach next to the ocean was something we dreamt about numerous times before hitting the road. It was a surreal experience to finally tick off the bucket list.

Book as long as you can stay off grid, you wont want to leave this paradise…

Walk the sand bar

We booked for 3 nights, but honestly wished we booked for longer! It’s just that beautiful and inviting! The shallow water out the front is ideal for the kids to swim plus super clear to spot schools of fish swimming past. At low tide, the ocean exposes a sandbar walkway out to the ocean which is just amazing. You can walk out through the ocean without getting wet, it was such a great experience. ⁣

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