2019 Y62 Ti Nissan Patrol

So, you want to know more about our car? We are currently driving a 2019 Nissan Patrol Y62 Ti. Being happy with our car is a bloody understatement! The Y62 Nissan Patrol has been absolutely outstanding and we couldn’t be any more impressed if we tried. The places we have explored & experiences we’ve had because of this car, are just incredible. Having a big rig that can go just about anywhere is so important to us. There are still many more adventures to be had around this beautiful country of ours and trusting your vehicle is up to the task is SO important!

Below we have compiled lists of all of the products we have installed or use in and on our car. We hope this helps you when planning your touring setup. Don’t forget to check out the YouTube Series that showcases our car build and see how we ended up with the ultimate touring & off road rig.


UHF aerial https://bigoz.me/gme

Stainless snorkel https://bigoz.me/fatz

Roof rack https://bigoz.me/rhinorack

Yokohama Tyres https://bigoz.me/yokohama

Rhino 4×4 bar https://bigoz.me/rhino

Fourby Fitouts rear draw system https://bigoz.me/fourbyfitout

Method rims https://bigoz.me/method

Winch Rhino Bar https://bigoz.me/rhino1

Airbags airbag man https://bigoz.me/airbagman

Rhino rack stow it https://bigoz.me/rhinorack1

Rhino rack cam buckles  https://bigoz.me/rhinorack3

Dash cam https://bigoz.me/gator

UHF radio GME https://bigoz.me/gme1

Exhaust Torqit https://bigoz.me/torqit

Enerdrive 125amp battery https://bigoz.me/battery1

Enerdrive dc/dc charger https://bigoz.me/enerdrive3

Safiery global light & control panel https://bigoz.me/safiery

Dctourers12vtouring power setup https://bigoz.me/dctourers

2” lift https://bigoz.me/ontrack

Reverse camera display https://bigoz.me/revcamera


Maxtrax Mounting Setup https://bigoz.me/maxtraxmounts

Towing mirrors https://bigoz.me/melinco

First aid https://bigoz.me/FastAid

Akubra Hat Clips http://bigoz.me/klipsta

Portable inverter https://bigoz.me/anaconda9

Handheld UHF https://bigoz.me/3rfwtoh

Phone holders https://bigoz.me/phoneholder

Fridge Dometic https://bigoz.me/anaconda17

Rhino shovel https://bigoz.me/rhinorack2

Maxtrax https://bigoz.me/anaconda17

Dash cam https://bigoz.me/gator

Navigator Build It Seat Buddy https://bigoz.me/navigator3

Navigator Visor Buddy https://bigoz.me/navigator4

Maxtrax Beach Recovery Kit https://bigoz.me/maxtraxrecovery

Water storage https://bigoz.me/waterstorage

Watch the build series

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