What to expect

We lined up a free camp just outside of Coen for when we arrived but, after seeing the camp, we quickly realized that we were going to struggle getting the crew in with 3 vans 5 cars! lol ⁣

So, we decided to continue into town to do some shopping, top up fuel and grab something to eat. Once entering the town we found a pub called the Exchange Hotel (or Sexchange Hotel which it’s better known as) 😂 and agreed to have lunch there. After eating and chatting to the owner, we soon found out that they had accommodation available behind the pub! ⁣

I’ll tell you what, it was such a nice surprise because the camp ground was actually really nice. Powered sites with green grass and not to mention, the fresh water river out the back you can swim in. 🙌🏼 It was a great score after wondering where we were going to stay for the night. Such a great little hidden gem 🤟🏼

“Such a great little hidden gem”

Hot Tip!

Found out that they had accommodation available behind the pub! ⁣

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