Copperfield Gorge

What's in town

This was a great little stop on our trip out after leaving Cobbold Gorge. This was a pit stop on our way out to Hughenden to break up the drive. It’s a very small population with only 26 residents that live within the town! ⁣

We stayed one night at the caravan park so we could hook up to power and run the aircon because the temps are starting to climb around this time of year. Our average temperatures lately are around the 40° mark. Any aircon is very welcomed!⁣

Things to see

The two main highlights in the town would have to be the Einasleigh pub, which was a very cool old school pub that served some of the best crumbed steak we have ever eaten. 🤤 The biggest feature of all is the Copperfeild Gorge! ⁣

The gorge was absolutely stunning! We were very lucky to have had water in the gorge as it is normally very dry. But the months leading up to the wet season the dam up stream releases water from its supply which in turns flows down stream and into the gorge, filling it up with fresh water. ⁣ FUN FACT: This release can take up to 3 weeks to reach the gorge in town!!

“It’s a very small population with only 26 residents that live within the town”

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