James Price Point

What to expect

Well hello WA! We were told about what the Dampier Peninsula had to offer… Rich red cliffs & bright blue ocean water… Well, it definitely was exactly that, wow! The landscape up here is just next level. We have never seen anything like it before in our lives. 😲 ⁣

We packed the caravans with friends and headed north to James Price Point which is located 60km north of Broome. Approximately 35km of the drive is red dirt road. As per usual, drive to conditions and let your tyres down as it can get pretty corrugated in areas. For us, the road was really good as they had graded it 3weeks earlier. ⁣


We found ourselves a large open camp area just past the entry to the camp ground at JPP where there was a large ramp on your left that brings you out onto what almost looks like Mars lol… It’s right next to the ocean with stunning views. You’re located near a cliff edge that drops onto the beach below, which you guessed, was amazing white sand. ⁣

We spent 5days free camping at this location. The sunrise/sunsets each day were something else, the beauty of nature is incredible. Fires every night & day trips up the beach to go fishing & relax. A great spot to checkout. ⁣

Things at camp

The sites are located next to a river system that you can camp right next to. We spun around and backed the the van right up next to the edge of the water. What a bloody spot, complete with a permanent fire pit, shady trees & access to the water. ⁣

Absolutely incredible location, was very impressed with this random WikiCamps search. This is the reason why you shouldn’t plan too far ahead! We would of missed this stunning camp if we had to keep driving past.⁣

“Rich red cliffs & bright blue ocean water… Well, it definitely was exactly that, wow”

Hot Tip!

be cautious as the mosquitoes can be on another level at night. By far one of the most insane experiences we have ever had!! After asking locals a few days in, they told us that this is the worst they had been for years and that Thermacell was the only thing that would save us. Since that trip, we always carry a Thermacell now as it really does keep the mozzies and bugs away! What’s your thoughts on the Thermacell?⁣

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