Spring Creek

What to expect

If you love 4x4 tracks with a challenge & waterholes to explore, this is 100% a place to visit! The track into Spring Creek runs mainly through a dried up river bed, so you’ll experience a rough rocky section followed by soft sand patches with a heap of water crossings. There was also a decent deep and long crossing that is located right at the end just before the parking area. Definitely not suitable for anything other then a 4x4 capable setup. ⁣

Once you arrive you have a small parking area with a couple of picnic tables to setup on for a packed lunch with the family. This is also the entrance for the walking track into the waterholes. 👌🏼 The first waterhole is very close, only a short 1min walk! This was also the most kid friendly setup out of them all. ⁣

Extra info

You can continue up a rock wall and across the waterfall to go further into the mountains where you will find more waterholes to appreciate and relax in. There is one waterfall at the end of the walk that is meant to be stunning, but unfortunately with Jack, we didn’t make it that far!⁣

Definitely recommend this for a day trip with the family as it’s only 40mins out of Kununurra. 🙌🏼 ⁣

This is 100% a place to visit!

Hot Tip!

There is one waterfall at the end of the walk that is meant to be stunning!

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