Telegraph track / First half

What to Expect

Holy bloody hell, we made it to the iconic track! It’s so surreal to actually be here and experiencing it! We never thought we would have this opportunity to checkout the Cape but the stars aligned and we are here! What a day it has been, so many big bucket list moments achieved. First off was Palm Creek, talk about kicking it off with a bang! A decent drop in & exit out the other side was so much fun 🙌🏼 ⁣

Secondly was Dulhunty River which was a stunning spot where we pulled up for lunch in the river. The water is just amazing & clear! Thirdly was the main event GUNSHOT!!! Can tell you right now seeing the huge drop in person is definitely a sigh to behold. So much bigger then what you imagine 😲 ⁣

Unfortunately we didn’t attempt it with the big patrol as we don’t have the protection with a bull bar. (But already planning on coming back to complete it) 😉 but still had the chance to jump in the car with our mates and ride the big drop. What a feeling you get from driving a vehicle off a cliff haha definitely a goosebump moment indeed and a must do if you can!

Holy bloody hell, we made it to the iconic track!

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