Andy’s Chasm

When we were offered to come along on this adventure, we honestly had no idea what to expect. Looking back, it was one very memorable experience we won’t ever forget! It was a physically rewarding journey through some of the most amazing scenery the Kimberley has to offer. ⁣

After dropping the kids off at the grandparents, 2”we drove through a heap of very wet 4x4 tracks and arrived at our destination. We packed our waterproof bag and started the hike in the valleys between the huge mountains that surround the Kununurra area. ⁣

Adrenaline Rush

The walk was a great experience which consisted of climbing over large river rocks, swimming through fresh flowing rivers and scaling large adrenaline spiking mountain sides with some of the most incredible views. The fresh water was a great way to cool off after each large section of climbing. ⁣

Special Day

After a couple of hours climbing & swimming in the valley without phones or service, we were taken to one of the most amazing hidden waterfalls we have ever seen. This spot was just stunning, to have something like this to yourself was just crazy. The water was really cold which was so inviting, plus the colour of the waterfall was stunning! What a way to spend Valentines Day together! ❤️

Lifetime Memories

We continued onward to the main event... The tight sections of the chasm where water & mountains come together to form amazing tight river systems you can climb on, swim through & jump off. ⁣

It was the most incredible thing we have ever done, the sights through some of these small inlets were just next level, it was like being in another world. The most intense parts were the jumping areas, places were there is no turning around. Once you jump once, you are committed until the end. These jumps were as high as 2-3 stories! Just insane, but so worth it once you have done it. Safe to say the adrenaline was well & truly pumping for both of us! ⁣

“What a way to spend Valentines Day together”

Local Secret

How do you find out about this experience? Once again, it’s another local location but still definitely achievable if you ask around town. The locals are passionate about their hidden gems and for a good reason so they remain clean & untouched.

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