Barkly Homestead

We finally made it across the border to NT! It only took us 9 months to get out of Queensland lol... Its such a great feeling to start exploring another state. We had our covid paperwork verified at the border check point before crossing, which only took 2 minutes. The NT officers were really friendly and we were on our way in no time. ⁣

Great Layout

Our first NT stop was Barkly Homestead, I must admit, we didn’t expect what we saw after arriving. The place was absolutely amazing! Very well maintained and looked after, complete with servo/restaurant/bar & gift shop! ⁣


The excitement continued as we drove in to find our site. They provide drive thru sites with power & water and substantial shade. The homestead has a refreshing pool which was definitely welcomed with the temps in the 40’s! ⁣

“The place was absolutely amazing”


A highlight for us was the wildlife around the park, with 100’s of galahs flying from tree to tree, the guineafowls running around the grounds and the two pet black cockatoo’s. Another big highlight was the food in the restaurant ???? one of the best feeds we have had at a stop yet with proper country style pub meals! What an absolutely amazing location, would highly recommend checking this place out when you cross over to NT on the Barkly Highway.

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