Cambridge Gulf - Wyndham

What a bloody experience!! ⁣

We had the opportunity to catch up with family friends in Kununurra that own a huge fishing boat they enjoy taking out for fishing trips. The boat is calked “People Smuggler” lol... If your ever in town, keep your eye out for it as she gets around. ⁣

Our trip plan was 2 days out on the water and sleeping on the boat. We are lucky enough to have family here in Kununurra that have been a huge help with the kids and allowing us to get out and enjoy some adult time doing things we can’t with the kids. ⁣

We towed the boat!

We offered to tow the boat out to the jetty, the big boat looked great behind the patrol... ???? After putting the boat in the water, we sent it straight out into the gulf, north of Wyndham. Checking out the amazing landscape along the way was breathtaking. ⁣

Cape Domett

A couple of hours into our journey, we started ‘island’ hopping and were dropped off onto a remote beach at Cape Domett where we were the only two people. It was absolutely stunning to have a beach all to yourself. ⁣

Chris finally caught a fish

After exploring the beaches, we got stuck into some fishing at a People Smuggler hot spot. Soon after we had a short run of finger marks smashing the lines. We were fortunate enough to land two decent fish for the day. Very proud moment! ???? Unfortunately, that was the most fish we saw for the rest of the trip apart from a few smaller and less edible fish caught along the way.⁣

Not the most child friendly waters that are full of salt water crocs, keep your fingers and toes inside the vessel!

To finish off the day, we pulled into the Lyne river system to setup up camp on the boat. The evening was filled with good music, cold beer & plenty of laughs. It was definitely different sleeping on a boat in the open anchored up in croc waters lol... But all in all was a great experience!⁣

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