Kununurra Waterholes

Black Rock ⁣
Middle Spring ⁣
Secret Waterfall ⁣

We say it all the time but bloody hell, Kununurra has so much to offer. We had the best time waterfall hopping with the BOE Ranger & family. We set out to explore these amazing locations and capture how beautiful they are.

Black Rock

First on the list was Black Rock, this was one stunning waterfall. We have never been to a fall like this were you can drive & park up only metres from it. After a very short walk we were at the base which was absolutely incredible! The cool spray from the water falling from a great height above was very refreshing. At the bottom was a good size lagoon which you can swim in and cool off ???????? definitely one to checkout! ⁣

Middle Lagoon

The second location was Middle Springs. From black rock you can choose to take the 4x4 track or head back out to the main road and come in the other way. I would suggest the 4x4 track as it wasn’t hard but a lot more fun, not to mention it was much quicker. Middle Springs was a much different setup with a large lagoon & a small rocky waterfall. This was 100% more family friendly. If your feeling adventurous, there are infinity pools further up the rock wall but they may be difficult to reach with young children due to slippery and high rock surfaces. Plus, there is a built in picnic table where we decided to setup and have lunch.

Secret Location

Last of all was a local secret spot, this is a hidden gem you’ll be able to find if you ask around town. It was a short 4x4 track in and a 50m walk up a river bed to the hidden falls which, by the way, were amazing. Very secluded and private but somewhere you could stop for a few hours. ⁣

“You need to visit in the wet season”

Hot Tip!

Keep in mind to see these waterfalls at their full potential, you need to visit in the wet season. The country up here comes alive in the wet, it’s truly a magical sight! We strongly recommend a wet season visit to really appreciate this area.

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