Cliff Head

We were told so much about this spot by so many of you Legends! Now after experiencing it for ourselves, we can definitely understand why you guys love it so much! We have stayed at a lot of beach camps during this trip down WA and this one stands out, it’s bloody good! ⁣

Low Cost Camping

Apparently this was previously a free camp but was recently changed after they placed bins, tables & chairs for visitors to use at a $20 per night rate by the local Shire. To be honest, it’s definitely worth it regardless but I understand why locals that came here for free would be disappointed to pay too.⁣

Ocean views at your door step!

We managed to score a killer spot right near the ocean with enough room for more than our two vans. This to us is paradise when you can have a place to yourself & sit outside while enjoying nature at it’s best. The sunsets here were just incredible, the colours that pop are just so hard to beat, certainly one of our favourite things about the west coast.⁣

Dessert of Champions

We had our good friends with us from Brisbane and when you have 5 kids between you, dinner & dessert ideas can be a lot of fun lol… We had something up our sleeve that we were shown by @travelling.campers months ago to satisfy all the kids. ⁣

Have you heard of s’mores? If not, your world is going to change! It’s basically a dessert burger of sweetness! Marshmallows & chocolate between biscuits, wrapped in alfoil and heated enough that everything becomes a squishy goo of goodness. You can thank us later…

Low cost beachfront views… Can you ask for much more?
Hot Tip!

This is one of the last two places that is considered 'low cost' on Wikicamps when heading south along the coast towards Perth. Make sure you do some research before you hit the big smoke as there is a limited selection of low cost camps in the Perth and surrounds area.

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