We decided to take a day trip to check out a few of the towns & attractions around the region. Wyndham was on the list as a location to explore as it we won’t see on our way west to the coastline so decided to head out and tick it off the list. ⁣

We love a good bakery

Probably the most known stop in town is the Croc Cafe & Bakery. As most of you know, we are a huge fan of a good cafe or bakery lol... Unfortunately, we had already had breakfast but that didn’t stop us buying something. Instead of a pie or sausage roll, we decided to try their sweets and opted for a cream bun, and it was pretty bloody good. ⁣

What a view!

After our stop in town checking out the big croc and a few shops, we made our way up to the Five River lookout. A short drive up one of the biggest hills in town we found ourselves looking out over some of the most vast landscape we have seen. It’s definitely a sight to behold! ⁣

Did you know?

Some fun facts about the town Wyndham:.
* It is the northernmost town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia⁣
* It was established in 1886 to service a new goldfield at Halls Creek⁣
* It is now a port and service centre for the east Kimberley and has a population of 780.⁣

“A great day trip out for the sights and history in the area”
Don't forget!

On the way into town there is a road that takes you out to see the Wyndham Prison Tree. In a nutshell, its basically a huge boab tree that has a hole inside and looks unreal. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it out there due to flooding in the area (but we did later in the dry seaon!). Not a great deal in the town, but still a great day trip out for the sights and history and of course, the bakery. ????⁣

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