Pender Bay


Well, we never expected to see or experience this place. They weren’t taking new bookings, but we had heard so many great things about it so we decided to take a 5min drive from our camp around the corner to see if anything was available. You wouldn’t believe it, they had 2 nights spare on one of the most amazing sites there!! 🙌🏼 Site C10 ⁣

We packed up the van and headed to Pender Bay the next day. After meeting Andrew, the owner, we headed down to our site. We were absolutely blown away by the site we had! 🤩 It was everything we expected and more. You could pay millions for views like this! ⁣

Our stay

Once we were setup, it was hard to leave the van when you could sit outside and just soak up the view all day. We hadn’t been this close to the beach in the van yet, but could definitely get used to it! It’s one of those places you could stay a month, easily. ⁣

We managed to get out and go exploring and tried our luck at fishing which was actually rewarding. There are a couple of different locations to fish at Pender Bay and they are definitely great honey holes. Plenty of fish around. 🎣 ⁣

Kid friendly

The kids spent hours playing on the beaches collecting shells & catching hermit crabs and swimming in the swallows. It was one of the most spectacular locations we have been to yet and we can see why this place is on most people’s bucket lists. ⁣

We also took a sneak peak at the Insta famous site C3 where they have bathtubs overlooking the red cliffs and beach. We couldn’t help but have a quick soak while it was free. 🥰⁣

“You could pay millions for views like this”

Hot Tip!

Site C10 ⁣

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