Tunnel Creek


After checking out Windjana, we drove another 30mins on the dirt to Tunnel Creek. The road was pretty average but very scenic. 🙌🏼 ⁣

This was a very unexpected experience, as we had no idea what to think as this was a different type of walk for us. A tiny hole in the mountain that turns into a huge cave filled with water!⁣

The tunnel

As you entered the cave system, the landscape around you completely changed. It was absolutely amazing to see and like you were in another world! It’s a short walk through shallow water to get the point where you have to swim to enter the last part of the tunnel. At this point, the cave is pitch black if you turn off all head torches, it’s insane that visitors are even allowed in here!⁣

Unfortunately, we didn’t venture to the very end as we had Jack with us and were not dressed for the occasion lol… Apparently their are resident fresh water Crocs 🐊 that lives in the end of the tunnel but they were hiding when we visited.⁣

Importent info

If you haven’t heard yet, Tunnel Creek is mow closed due to a key stone falling out which makes the cave system unsafe to enter until further investigations are made. Hopefully it is safe and opens again very soon so others can enjoy this awesome experience!⁣

“This was a very unexpected experience”

Hot Tip!

Apparently their are resident fresh water Crocs 🐊

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